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New here, new to merching
10/4/17 - 11:23PM - 1 week ago
Posted by: itsProbablyDrun
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Cheers and good day, wherever you are!

I am Drunk, no not intoxicated, not yet.. But you can call me Drunk, an enthusiastic newcomer to the exciting and (hopefully!) profitable world of merchanting!

I've been diligently doing homework and tried to put theory into practice. So if you look at what I've done on literally 'day one' and you're thinking 'Wow! What a noob!' You'd be right! Don't be stingy with that criticism though, I'd love to hear from more experienced merchants here!

Cheers and hope to hear from y'all out there!
#4554 10/9/17 - 8:52AM - 1 week ago - [quote]
Posted by: Pikachyu

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Welcome and good luck!