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So I got scammed...
2/20/14 - 11:27AM - 3 years ago
Posted by: archibold9
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Hey guys. So yesterday i was really happy because i did some math and realised i'd flipped my way from 16-50M in just a week and a half. I'd spent that whole time reading endless guides upon guides about investing and flipping and inactive flipping, which involved buying VIP status on here.

A few hours after this realisation, this guy with a red Phat, herb cape and some solomon's store items runs up to me and asks me if i can buy him 1000 of this item for 25k ea because he's reached 4 hour item cap. I'm feeling pretty nice at this point so i tell him yes. I buy 25Ms worth of this item and suddenly he logs out. I follow him to the world he's just hopped to - obviously to find his scamming buddies. Then i beg and plead for my money back but to no avail. He keeps my 25M that i worked my ass off for. I realise that his items was the only offer up on the GE and the price i payed was about 1000x what it should have been for an item i can't sell back because no one even uses. It was some herblore flasks which i thought was legit as he did have a herb cape on. Not cool, this guy lacks all reasonable humanity. Even when i cancelled my membership after getting scammed he still wouldn't give me a dime back.

I'm lacking motivation to continue to merch my way back up from what is now a 22M cash stack as some items i was inactive flipping crashed a lot overnight.

If you guys have any items you could possibly recommend me to flip, and i know you guys don't let others onto precious items but seriously, it would be much appreciated.

PS the guys name is veryWETcough who scammed me. He completely denied the scam but according to others at the GE he's been doing this sort of scam for months. Please avoid him. He's made me feel like i should never be generous again - and that's not a good feeling to have.

Merci, Tom

#1937 2/20/14 - 1:13PM - 3 years ago - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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Hi Tom

I'm sorry to hear you got scammed. It's important to always think twice before helping someone out like this.
You have to check the current value and the graph of an item before helping out a stranger like that.

I understand it ruined your motivation, but you will have your money back within a week at the rate you posted above. Starting a Merchz log will also be motivational, so that might help you a bit too.

Just learn from the mistake, get right back into merchanting and you'll get past the 50M mark soon enough.
Goodluck, you'll get there.

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