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Auto notifications for major price drops
6/23/15 - 5:24PM - 2 years ago

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Hey everyone!

Omer2409 just asked me in the chatbox whether we had built in notifications for major price drops on live items. While you do have the option to set notifications for when items reach a certain price or rise/drop a certain percentage, you have to set them manually for each item (below the graph). This makes them not very popular.

As a solution for this, we could add a system that will notify you of any major price drops across all live prices (You would possibly set the threshold percentage).
We would add this to Tier 2 VIP, to give an extra reward to the longer/lifetime subscribers and to prevent too many people using it at the same time.

The potential downside of this would be that a few people who are online will always get notified of these items and jump on them at the same time, making it hard to get much stock. On the other hand, most of you probably won't notice the vast majority of the price drops without the notifications, so it is up to you guys. I'd love to hear some feedback on it.

If you think it is a good idea, give it an upvote and perhaps it'll be the next thing we work on.
#3701 6/24/15 - 12:36PM - 2 years ago - [quote]
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Sounds good! Tempting to sign up considering I don't have time to play rs much, let alone keep an eye on loads of items prices
#4128 3/28/16 - 9:19AM - 1 year ago - [quote]

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I'm surprised this post hasn't had more success. It would be a great addition to the website.

We all know by now with a bit of experience that the biggest merch gainz are often made when investing on an item at a ridiculously low price. However it is not easy to follow every single item to know which ones are way below their "value".

Support this! +1
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#4454 2/10/17 - 1:35PM - 7 months ago - [quote]
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Sorry to bump an old thread but what's the status on this? I love the idea but I do see the drawback mentioned in the OP. Maybe make it a Tier 2/3 feature like with the suggestions?
#4468 3/18/17 - 10:10AM - 6 months ago - [quote]
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Yeah this sounds like a great idea, id love to have the feature