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Email on STO change
8/28/16 - 6:16AM - 1 year ago
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It would be great to know when the item I have invested in has changed to Strong Sell from Strong Buy or Hold, so I can know when to sell.
#4366 11/1/16 - 6:16PM - 1 year ago - [quote]
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I feel that could be a good idea but also would be a bit of a pain due to the amount of data the website would have to store on each and every account that has this option on.

I feel a better idea would be too have a page that shows your investments. So when you buy an item you can log how many you have purchased and at what price, and using live prices, it can show you how much profit you have made on your initial investment, and shows the STO indicator next to it to show you if its a good time to sell or not.