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Purchase lifetime help
11/8/16 - 12:49AM - 1 year ago
Posted by: Icecubel
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Dear merchz forum readers,

I desire to purchase lifetime merchz membership,
I tried through paypal, and it immediately links me up with my paypal when i select paypal payment.
Is it not possible for me to transfer 50$ to my paypal through ideal, and then transfer that money to here?
Now it is asking me to fill in credit card details etc, even though i hav a verified paypal
#4374 11/8/16 - 2:38PM - 1 year ago - Last Edit: 11/8/16 - 2:38PM - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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Hi Icecubel

You shouldn't need a credit card to pay for VIP. It is possible to pay through PayPal from your bank account funds, the only downside to that is a longer waiting period until the payment clears. You should either select the pay through PayPal option, or transfer money to your account first and then pay.

If none of that works, try contacting PayPal to see why they're restricting you to using a Credit card, we have no say in that unfortunately.

If you have any more questions just let me know!