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4/16/17 - 2:06PM - 1 year ago
Posted by: hit1233
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Hi I am new. I am a maxed combat and thinking to stop staking for a while and searching for a safer quick money making technique so I am now trying to merch so I can spend that money on skilling and better gear for pvm.
#4487 4/23/17 - 9:34AM - 1 year ago - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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Welcome hit

Merchanting is not supposed to be safe, if it's safe then it is usually hardly profitable. Of course it is much safer than staking in the sense that you can build up skill and profit, whereas staking is ultimately about odds and not getting scammed.

PVM itself is safe because hours put in guarantee you profit, but it won't be anywhere as quick as you like it to be. (neither will merchanting for that matter, but you'll have to manage expectations of what's sustainable)

Goodluck and see you around!