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Returning to merching after leaving the game
4/19/17 - 2:39PM - 1 year ago
Posted by: SupaSteven
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Hey there Merchz,

I would like to ask you guys for some advice. I have not been playing nor looking at runescape for the past few (about 4) months. Problem is all the items I used to do are hard to get back into, and it feels like I can't really get it right anymore. So my question is, does any of you have experience with returning or any tips that could help me get back on the right track. If this actually turns into something I'll try to list everything people tell me.

If I happen to stumble upon something myself I will make sure to list them aswell. For now these are the things I'm doing I guess they might pay-off later.

- Look for any news of Jagex and see if they have anything to do with items.
- Look around on other peoples log to get inspiration, not to copy.
- Ask around for help
- Loose money while trying some old things and hope you get back in.