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Aftermath of DXP Weekends?
5/14/17 - 8:59PM - 1 year ago
Posted by: badlybawbag
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Hi, I've already done my flipping for double xp weekend and I'm just gonna stop flipping until it's over due to the inflated prices/increased risk. This got me wondering though, since people will be rushing to sell their supplies after dxp weekend, do prices normally crash? Like people training herb for example will want to be selling their pots, so would it be a good idea to start buying them directly after dxp, or do they just go back to their usual prices?
#4497 5/20/17 - 2:12PM - 1 year ago - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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It's not just after the weekend, but already during it that people begin to sell off. Buying in before the rebound can be very profitable, but make sure to study the graphs well to decide. You can even go back in time and see how the prices of the item evolved during the last BXPW in February.