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margins closing
7/31/17 - 1:58AM - 11 months ago
Posted by: winky11
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has anyone else noticed margins closing dramatically fast? i havent played in a few years but you cant hardly flip any food items when i use to be able to flip them for weeks straight, i found a few items that had great margins cost3k selling for 4200 etc good for about 35 minutes and it just starts closing... 3500-4000 3700-3800, 3775-3800 etc.... i haven't played in a long time so is this just the nature of the beast due to more people flipping? or am i missing something.
#4524 8/10/17 - 3:13PM - 11 months ago - [quote]
Posted by: LuckyWan
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I think it's due to the items you are choosing, and more people flipping in general. Food, or any other very common raw material is a pain to flip, as you've found out. I used to flip raw materials, but it became so painful and started to have little reward.

There are a lot of players who try to buy and flip these items at a decently fast pace, which it may sound like you're doing too since it said the item was good for 35 minutes. For whatever reason, people seem to think they need to sell it as fast as possible once they buy it, so they keep changing margins every few minutes. Instead, let it sit. Give it 2 hours or the full 4 hour buy limit if you wish. If it doesn't move at all in an 1hr-1.5hr time span, then you can decrease the price.

I finally broke away from the active flipping of raw materials. If I do any flipping, it will be inactive stuff where I leave for several hours or sell things while I sleep. 95% of the time, my items have sold by time I come back. Now I much prefer to do short term investing or long term investing. I've had much more success with this and when an item is in a rising state, it makes it very easy to sell, and avoids constantly messing with margins.