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Oldschool Item Graphs & Mobile Site Updates
8/6/15 - 10:41PM - 2 years ago
Posted by: sam_here
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Earlier today Jagex released the Grand Exchange API which allows us to parse their prices similar to how we do with RS3 prices. To find the graphs simply go to the oldschool version of Merchz and search for the item in the search.

With the update today we've also completed the Merchz item database and uploaded all the icons. If you find a missing item report it here.


We're also aware the mobile site when you use a device smaller than 500px is sometimes not ideal. Today we've added the following features:

- Search bar below navigation to search the GE before, the search bar was hidden to most users.
- Ability to disable the mobile theme under "My account"
- Last 10 Live prices and last 5 GE prices under the graphs in a table for both mobile and desktop.
- Bug Fixes