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We're Improving Merchant Logs!
10/14/15 - 4:04AM - 2 years ago - Last Edit: 10/16/15 - 6:32PM
Posted by: sam_here
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Basically a back-end only update, sadly.

When the merchant logs were created they were very based and bare-bone. As they grew the code remained the same, dusty and old. Over the years it has been upgraded here and there to accommodate for bugs and growth. Today we've pushed an update that makes the merchant log index load anywhere from 300-500ms faster than before. We want to make sure the numbers match up exactly like they did before so we've setup a backup in case you think some of the numbers don't match here.

If this seems to work we can look into increasing the actual merchant log and in turn the whole site.

e. Today we made an update to allow logs with a lot of comments to load faster and allow you to actually see the old comments.