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Merchz Log Analytics
9/6/14 - 4:45AM - 3 years ago
Posted by: sam_here
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Just a quick update allowing you to see even more stats with Merchz Logs. Simply go to the analytic page here to see all the stats. All stats are generated on the page so there's no delay with stat reporting.

If you have any other ideas on what we could include on that page please post below!
#2895 9/6/14 - 8:34PM - 3 years ago - [quote]
Posted by: Phileep
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I would kind of like to see the rate of change on that graph... not sure how you'd pull it off exactly though. If you had, say, monthly average rate of change plotting on the graph it would look a bit weird... something like this.

Either way I'd like to see that integrated somehow (perhaps on a separate interface or through a different medium) because that, to me, is more interesting.
#2899 9/7/14 - 8:27AM - 3 years ago - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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Hi Phileep

I'm not sure what the added value of that is, you can already see the rate of change on the first graph to begin with? I don't think there needs to be a percentage of increase for the month, if you hover your mouse over the graph you can tell where it started and ended.

Personally I'd rather add other graphs eventually, like amount of uploads over time, how the average percentage evolved over time, and also giving everyone these 3 graphs for their personal log.

First we have over things to do though, like the chatbox addition.