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Updated login, and Cloudflare SSL
10/10/14 - 8:01PM - 3 years ago
Posted by: sam_here
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One of many reasons why iCloud was hacked was due to a brute forcing method. This method is basically trying every possible method until you find the right combination. Most websites block attempts after x amount of failed logins. Although we monitor failed and successful logins we never had an automatic system to detect and block brute force attempts. As of September 27th we gained support to block this so it's not longer possible to brute force a password.

With this update we've also updated the mailing system. The mailing system used to send emails on a five minute moving window to avoid abuse. Now we send mail instantly to a certain limit then fallback on our old system, again to avoid abuse.

If you have a hard username to type you can also now use your email to login to your Merchz account.

Finally Divine has redesigned the pages since they've always looked bland. No need to look at a bland page but rather the entrance to the Grand Exchange.

We'll be adding two factor authentication to accounts, optionally, in the future.


We've also started to use Cloudflare SSL service. If you want your connection to be secure simply type https:// into the address bar instead of http://. In a couple of days we'll be requiring this on all login type pages (login, register, forget) to ease user minds about security.

As always if you have any suggestions we're happy to hear them.