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Quick Merchz Log Update: Apostrophes Fixed, and Short Names
8/18/14 - 2:13AM - 3 years ago
Posted by: sam_here
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Ever since the Merchz Logs were made they've had issues with apostrophes due to the way out submission validation works here on Merchz. Today we've made a change that makes adding items similar to how we perform a search on Merchz. With this is gives us the ability to have names with apostrophes and really really short names!

Short names can be used for any item in our database. Normally when people search for things here on Merchz they type only a portion of the name such as "fury" for Amulet of fury. So instead of having to type out the full name of "Amulet of fury" you can now type "fury". This only works if the name is the first result on the search for "fury". If you were trying to add "Fury ornament kit" you'd either have to enter the full name, geid, or 'fury o': the word "fury" is reserved for "Amulet of fury". Alternatively you can use the quick add option on the graphs, or search to add to Merchz Log swiftly.

If you have any questions or bugs please feel free to post em!

#2826 8/18/14 - 1:00PM - 3 years ago - [quote]
Posted by: Divine

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So glad to see this sorted out, all the dozens of pm's I've gotten of people saying it wasn't working who didn't read the notes have finally come to an end!