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More Private Messaging + Live Chat Clickable Names
5/14/15 - 7:05AM - 3 years ago - Last Edit: 5/14/15 - 7:08AM

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I believe it would be a good idea to have names on global chat linked to each user's log/profile. From there, users should have the option to either start a personalized live chat with the player or send them a message through the system. It would be easier to have a link at the top of their log instead of searching for the player if they had no log comments or forum posts.

Live chat would be a useful feature for those active, although the downsides would be the feasibility (global chat was done though), along with users actually being active enough to use it. Let me know any thoughts and comments about these simple ideas

Also, it looks like the replies column of the labs isn't labeled as such and can lead to confusion or questions. I also believe users names when viewing the ideas should be clickable.

Edit: It looks like either non-vip users, new idea users, or users without a log are unclickable on the labs overview. Not sure if this is a bug or they don't have logs and it won't link to anything then.
#3523 5/14/15 - 11:45AM - 3 years ago - [quote]

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Hi Made

1. Making the names link to logs is something we discussed in the past, I don't recall why we didn't go through with it, I'll have to look into that.

2. I agree that we should let people send pm's from the log, that would be a little convenience for those who want to use it. This is a quick fix, so I don't think we even need to wait on votes for this one.

3. Private chats is something we may be able to do in the future, for now I think we should improve the existing chatbox first.

4. The replies column was added by the developer while I was away, it does indeed need to be labeled, I was already going to bring that up to him.

I'm not sure what you mean by the last thing, users without a log cannot be clicked on indeed, because clicking on them would lead to their log, which they do not have.
#3538 5/16/15 - 4:29AM - 3 years ago - [quote]
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Moved to approved.

To clarify what's being presented (and voted on):
- Clickable chatbox names.
- Merchz Log PM icon
- Chatbox PM icon

Private rooms would just be a modified PM which would be useless. We can make a quick link in the chatbox if wanted.

Fixes just pushed to the Merchz Lab page which includes labeled columns.
#3966 11/13/15 - 4:01AM - 3 years ago - [quote]
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All done, enjoy.