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adding in items that are a lower price in live prices
12/29/15 - 2:43AM - 2 years ago
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for example you could add feathers and maybe a couple lower armor boxes. This would make it easier for people with low amounts of money to make money. Please consider this idea
#4037 12/30/15 - 5:36PM - 2 years ago - Last Edit: 12/30/15 - 5:37PM - [quote]

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Hi Ashna

We won't be doing this, the vast majority of our live items can be used by people with little wealth, but also by those with a lot more. If we're going to add items like feathers, they will be useless to 99% of the VIP's, which would clog up the page a lot. We prefer to add items that are appealing to everyone because of their low price but higher limit.