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Report prices for items that have a lower purchase per hour limit.
11/1/16 - 5:55PM - 1 year ago
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I feel that if an item is worth flipping, then everyone should know about it.

I think you should include an option under live prices where we can submit our own purchases/sells for other users to be able to view. each buy MUST include a screenshot for proof of sale, and must be approved by a moderator.

The items that this will target will be anything with a low purchase limit that can be sold on the Grand Exchange. Rares or other items that must be sold on street trades shouldn't be included due to the chance of the prices not being accurate as its not very reliable.

I know we can view Merchz logs to see flips but I feel being able to see the exact margin of an item whilst viewing the live prices screen will be very beneficial.

I suggested a while ago that we should include the prices for the Friend Chats but the response was no due to not being able to automatically update the prices, but allowing members to update the prices will solve this issue.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can expand this idea then please feel free to let me know!

Thanks for reading

#4391 11/23/16 - 2:18PM - 1 year ago - [quote]

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Hi Rx1, thanks for your suggestion.

We've considered it many times in the past and this has been frequently suggested, but I'm afraid it's not a good idea for Merchz.

The pain point in your idea is "approved by a moderator". Admins cannot be around 24/7 to verify submissions. We could appoint moderators to help us with this work, but that would come with frequently checking on these people and managing them to ensure they do what they're supposed to and aren't just freeloading for an elevated status.

If we cannot instantly verify submissions, then only outdated prices are shared which don't help anyone. That is providing anyone is even willing to get on here just to give away their prices to other merchants, instead of using those themselves on other accounts. It sounds nice in theory, but in practice it doesn't fly.