As announced last year in our final video, we have shut down the Merchz live prices and everyone with an active subscription has been refunded.

We have also turned off the forums to temporarily counter mass spam bots. You can still reach out to us through PM or email if necessary!

Thank you for your time with us, it's been a great journey and we wish you all the best in the future.
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More items on live prices
6/2/17 - 9:16AM - 1 year ago
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I think high demand items such as things used for disassembling in invention should be added.

Items could include:
Magic shortbow
Unpowered orbs
Zamorak brews

Ive had good margins on these but some days i can barely find the margin on them
#4513 7/3/17 - 10:48PM - 1 year ago - [quote]
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To add on, some items could probably be removed as well. Ascension bolts and water talismans imo are simply too low value and buy limit to be worthwhile a lot of the time.