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Completed Ideas Overview
VotesTitleRepliesCreatorTime Posted
31Badges to display status, profit milestones, achie...13Divine5/8/15 - 10:31PM
26Favourites table on the live prices page9Divine7/10/15 - 7:11PM
24Graph of item volumes below our Grand Exchange gra...6Divine5/8/15 - 10:12PM
15Merchz Log Image Server2sam_here5/12/15 - 10:08PM
14Spider legs and Araxyte pheromone live graphs for ...9Divine5/8/15 - 11:53PM
6Who is online in the chatbox & chat improvemen...4Divine5/9/15 - 12:14AM
3Improving the update frequency of level 90 weapons...2Divine5/8/15 - 11:58PM
2Hideable Log Entries4perc5/14/15 - 12:17AM
14 hour limit checker on merchz2imkiwi5/18/15 - 10:32AM
1Merchant High Scores fix1Shiny5/16/15 - 10:53PM
1Global chat smilies4Salad Boy5/14/15 - 6:33AM
1Improving the update frequency of Third-age live p...1Divine5/9/15 - 12:08AM
0live price easier/help1UncleJack6/5/15 - 5:23AM
0Editing log entries (additions)2Genocyber6/3/15 - 2:33AM
0More viariety when viewing merch logs23a5/14/15 - 8:11AM
0More Private Messaging + Live Chat Clickable Names...3Affixed5/14/15 - 7:05AM
0Move Title to the left-most spot, then name, then ...1Snow5/14/15 - 12:15AM
0Analytic Graphs for Individual Use2Affixed5/13/15 - 11:57PM
0Merchz Labs0Divine5/13/15 - 4:55AM
0Improving the update frequency of level 90 armour ...1Divine5/8/15 - 11:59PM
0Live updated, total profit graph of all live price...1Divine5/8/15 - 9:50PM