As announced last year in our final video, we have shut down the Merchz live prices and everyone with an active subscription has been refunded.

We have also turned off the forums to temporarily counter mass spam bots. You can still reach out to us through PM or email if necessary!

Thank you for your time with us, it's been a great journey and we wish you all the best in the future.
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VotesTitleRepliesCreatorTime Posted
9Apple/Android MerchZ App!2kylezero5/28/16 - 2:56PM
6A Merchz FC in game, for a more open and active ch...5uncut9/14/15 - 8:11PM
2An addition to logs: Average daily, weekly, monthl...0DrSublime3/29/17 - 12:39AM
1More items on live prices1Rx16/2/17 - 9:16AM
1STO Indicator preview in the Live Prices list1Macksseam4/6/16 - 12:13PM
1Low/Medium/High Groups6NABaker10/12/15 - 6:14AM
1[Input Needed] Merchz Shortkeys0sam_here10/4/15 - 6:20PM
1[Needs input] Merchanting Competitions1Divine10/1/15 - 4:09PM
0New Live Price Column0Ejo9/3/17 - 3:29AM
0lowest price overtime list!0warmsnowday4/19/17 - 10:04AM
0Most profitable items0borisas1/18/17 - 10:59PM
0Report prices for items that have a lower purchase...1Rx111/1/16 - 5:55PM
0Email on STO change1KhaosFury8/28/16 - 6:16AM
0student discount0GGGGG8/16/16 - 10:35PM
0Merchz member of the week/Member of the month0Salad Boy7/8/16 - 3:38PM
0Favorite Items1bonno5/9/16 - 11:37AM
0Update feed on the front page.2Salad Boy4/4/16 - 7:01AM
0Live prices RSS feed4Tutux10/26/15 - 12:04PM
0Hypothetical calculations from STO1SeedCapital8/24/15 - 5:01PM