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Rejected Ideas Overview
VotesTitleRepliesCreatorTime Posted
2Merchz app2danislt5/14/15 - 7:45AM
2Expanded Log Info - Average GP/Day and More Sortin...1Affixed5/14/15 - 7:11AM
1The ability to turn the STO indicator on and off1Sand6/17/15 - 8:29AM
1Glacors boots3francisco6/7/15 - 9:14PM
0Being able to instant message other users directly...2Salad Boy4/13/16 - 9:45AM
0More Items Live Price3itzsable4/1/16 - 9:27PM
0adding in items that are a lower price in live pr...1Ashna415212/29/15 - 2:43AM
0own records1chocbudda9/17/15 - 3:48PM
0Live Graph - Pneumatic Gloves, Blood Necklace Shar...1KingAzazel7/29/15 - 3:42PM
0Make highball a type of upload1Kchewbacca6/29/15 - 12:36PM
0Chat suggestion -3Urban6/27/15 - 7:38PM
0Countdown timer for Runescape updates that are rel...1wilbursm6/8/15 - 5:55AM
0STO Color Indicator In live1Zeryn6/6/15 - 5:34AM
0"Hot" Item on Live Prices1Sorg5/20/15 - 11:56PM
0Better Log Help1DatPurpleDoe5/19/15 - 8:47PM
0Work with osbuddy to get updated prices for osrs l...2profile12215/17/15 - 2:07AM
0Who's Online? Chatbox! -> In appr. ideas1Timar the Goat5/15/15 - 7:03AM
0Easy Name Changes!! -> Exists2DatPurpleDoe5/14/15 - 8:49PM
0Fc owner support + merchz fc in game1bossofnubs5/14/15 - 6:14PM
0KOS list for the site maybe?1Salad Boy5/14/15 - 1:48PM
0Personal signatures in the Merchz forums1Salad Boy5/14/15 - 6:47AM
0F2p and p2p items1bossofnubs5/14/15 - 1:45AM