As announced last year in our final video, we have shut down the Merchz live prices and everyone with an active subscription has been refunded.

We have also turned off the forums to temporarily counter mass spam bots. You can still reach out to us through PM or email if necessary!

Thank you for your time with us, it's been a great journey and we wish you all the best in the future.
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Rejected Ideas Overview
VotesTitleRepliesCreatorTime Posted
2Merchz app2danislt5/14/15 - 7:45AM
2Expanded Log Info - Average GP/Day and More Sortin...1Affixed5/14/15 - 7:11AM
1The ability to turn the STO indicator on and off1Sand6/17/15 - 8:29AM
1Glacors boots3francisco6/7/15 - 9:14PM
0Being able to instant message other users directly...2Salad Boy4/13/16 - 9:45AM
0More Items Live Price3itzsable4/1/16 - 9:27PM
0adding in items that are a lower price in live pr...1Ashna415212/29/15 - 2:43AM
0own records1chocbudda9/17/15 - 3:48PM
0Live Graph - Pneumatic Gloves, Blood Necklace Shar...1KingAzazel7/29/15 - 3:42PM
0Make highball a type of upload1Kchewbacca6/29/15 - 12:36PM
0Chat suggestion -3Urban6/27/15 - 7:38PM
0Countdown timer for Runescape updates that are rel...1wilbursm6/8/15 - 5:55AM
0STO Color Indicator In live1Zeryn6/6/15 - 5:34AM
0"Hot" Item on Live Prices1Sorg5/20/15 - 11:56PM
0Better Log Help1DatPurpleDoe5/19/15 - 8:47PM
0Work with osbuddy to get updated prices for osrs l...2profile12215/17/15 - 2:07AM
0Who's Online? Chatbox! -> In appr. ideas1Timar the Goat5/15/15 - 7:03AM
0Easy Name Changes!! -> Exists2DatPurpleDoe5/14/15 - 8:49PM
0Fc owner support + merchz fc in game1bossofnubs5/14/15 - 6:14PM
0KOS list for the site maybe?1Salad Boy5/14/15 - 1:48PM
0Personal signatures in the Merchz forums1Salad Boy5/14/15 - 6:47AM
0F2p and p2p items1bossofnubs5/14/15 - 1:45AM