As announced last year in our final video, we have shut down the Merchz live prices and everyone with an active subscription has been refunded.

We have also turned off the forums to temporarily counter mass spam bots. You can still reach out to us through PM or email if necessary!

Thank you for your time with us, it's been a great journey and we wish you all the best in the future.
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Harrison ( AKA Snow, Merchz Founder
Founder of multiple businesses, all of which leveraging the Python programming language. From using Flask web development on all of my business sites, to Scikit Learn and Pandas for machine learning and data analysis with, to the Natural Language Toolkit for natural language processing with, to teaching a massive variety of Python programming topics on, Python and programming is a major part of my life and work.
I played, and merchanted in, RuneScape since flipping coal certificates in Draynor in 2003. From the return of Free Trade to late 2013 I made ~45bil in merchanting profits. Currently, I just play 07 RS.
Sam AKA Divine, Merchz Community Manager and Co-founder

My life goal is to travel all over the world to visit some awesome places. I'm a true video and Bitcoin fanatic. I love playing 8ball and I'm a massive fan of Future House and Hardstyle.
My main responsibilities on Merchz are YouTube & Community Management.

I've played RuneScape on and off since around 2003 and I originally loved all aspects of the game.
Over time this changed a lot and since 2009 I only enjoy merchanting anymore. I love making videos for our YouTube channel about it! You can check out some of my merchanting that I have logged here.